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I never imagined myself the first news I could provide is Fatso’s passing. As most of people here know by now that my beloved cat Fatso passed away on 5th September. He was 20 years old which is almost 100 years old in human years.

I first met Fatso in Autumn 2001 when I met my girlfriend Cindy. There were 3 cats in her flat at the time, Flatface (I never knew her real name, a Persian black cat), Speedy (Fatso’s twin sister) and Fatso. He was the last survivor of the 3.


We don’t know his and Speedy’s actual birthday and where they came from. Apparently on the first weekend after Cindy and her flat mate moved in to a new place in North London back in 1995, a baby Fatso suddenly appeared. He was squashing his little nose against the window asking if he could get in! They opened the window, Fatso got in, I guess he probably had something to eat and drink. A few hours later, he went back to his home, then he returned with Speedy the next day. Both Fatso and Speedy kept coming back for a few days, then they never left!

Fatso & SpeedyFatso

He wasn’t called Fatso in the beginning. He name was Greedy! But shortly after, he got bigger and bigger and his name became Fatso. From the beginning I first met them, Speedy was very friendly, Fatso was always looking at me from distance then started to come closer and closer. Well Flatface never came to me unless she was hungry! Sadly Flatface died a year later, I never really got to spend time with her unfortunately.


It was always love and hate between Fatso and Speedy. Sleeping and cuddling together then start fighting then together again. They always came next to me wherever I was in the house. When I came back home, I was always welcomed by them. Needless to say, their dinner was served straight away. I often thought they were like a human. Their expressions were amazing, their eyes could really talk. They were really great characters!


I was never into cats or any sort of pets before, until I met them. Living with Fatso and Speedy really changed the idea of pets for me. I never knew these cats could really be part of life and family. Apparently cats have 9 lives. They certainly lived all of them. Very happy lives.


I’m still very sad and can’t believe this but am glad that I could stay next to him right to the end of his life. They all gave us so much happiness, joy and so many lovely memories. Unfortunately I can’t meet them again, but their memory will live on forever. Fatso & Speedy

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