This could be very sudden news for you all. But I am no longer a member of the UK Subs. Spending 11 years in the band was a great experience for me. Played hundreds of shows in many places from the tiniest pubs to big outdoor/arena gigs, that was great fun. I hope I have contributed some good vibes into the last 4 albums. Thanks again all of you who have bought the UK Subs final studio album Ziezo, it was great to hear so many people like it. Keep reading →


So this year is almost over. I hope 2015 was a good year for you.

I have to say I had both good and bad moments this year, but overall I guess it was a good year. We played total 82 shows in 12 countries. All gigs were very good, there were some sold out shows as well which was great. The west coast USA tour was fun, Rebellion Festival was amazing. Latest album “Yellow Leader” was released in January and the final album “Ziezo” was recorded in November and December! It will be mixed and mastered early next year. I hope people will love this album. Keep reading →


Welcome to my new website! This website hasn’t actually been completed yet, I’m still working on biography and discography pages, but it’s ready to go now.

I never imagined myself the first news I could provide is Fatso’s passing. As most of people here know by now that my beloved cat Fatso passed away on 5th September. He was 20 years old which is almost 100 years old in human years. Keep reading →